West Windsor Listers

The Listers are responsible for establishing the assessed value of property in West Windsor. You can reach the Listers at lister@westwindsorvt.org or 484-3113.  Office hours are Tuesdays from 9:00 AM until Noon. 

The current Listers are Deb Spackman (2023), Joel Schreibman (2023), and Win Johnson (2025).


Reappraisal Information

The Town of West Windsor is currently conducting a town-wide property reappraisal. All property owners will receive by mail notice of an approaching visit from representatives of theNew England Municipal Resource Center (NEMRC), the organization conducting the reappraisals. Once the visit is concluded, you will receive a ‘door hanger’ card with an access code. You may then go to the town website and use the code to access your property records.  

There are no values attached to your card. Values will not be assigned until the entire town-wide reappraisal has been completed in 2024. At that time, you will receive a change of appraisal notice with the new value of your property. 

 The purpose of the assessment is to determine the fair market value of each parcel of property in West Windsor. Assessments are currently based on 2013 values, and this update will align them with 2024 values. Although the value of your property may increase, this does not necessarily mean that you will receive a larger tax bill. The “Grand List” is the total value of all private property in the town, and most owners will see their percentage of the Grand List value remain similar to their current percentage. 

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