Planning Commission
The Planning Commission drafts regulations (e.g. zoning and subdivision regulations); amendments to regulations; and the Town Plan.

The Planning Commission has 5 members appointed by the Selectboard to a three-year term.

Current Board:
Al Keiller (Chair), 2024, 
Leah Montalbano, 2025,
Lauren Stevens, 2025,

Jill Appel, 2026,

Mike Dudley, 2026,



Regular meetings of the Planning Commission are usually held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the Town Hall.

Please see one of the official notice locations for the next meeting agenda.
1) Town Hall
2) Post Office
3) Brownsville Butcher & Pantry

When the upcoming meeting agenda is available it will be posted on the "Town Business" calendar on this website.

2024 PC Minutes
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