Zoning and Planning Information

It is highly recommended that an Applicant/Landowner call the Zoning Administrator (Deb Shearer at (802) 484-3520), to discuss the subject land development, PRIOR to submitting an Application, in order to review the applicable zoning district, and appropriate zoning requirements for your sought project.

West Windsor requires a zoning permit for all land development, which is defined as “the division of a parcel into two or more parcels, the construction, reconstruction, conversion, structural alteration, relocation, or enlargement of any building or other structure, or any mining, excavation, site preparation, or landfill, and any change in the use of any building or other structure, or land, or extension of use of land.” Zoning permits are issued by the Zoning Administrator. In certain situations (e.g. for a subdivision, variance, or conditional use, or for development in a floodplain) approval by the Development Review Board (DRB) is required before a zoning permit can be issued.  The DRB also hears appeals from decisions of the Zoning Administrator. For specific zoning questions, please contact Deb Shearer at 802-484-3520. Office hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-noon.

Make checks for zoning fees payable to Town of West Windsor. Applications and fees may be dropped off at the Town Hall or mailed to: Town of West Windsor, P.O. Box 6, Brownsville, VT 05037

Additional fees are required at the time the application is submitted for recording the permit, the Certificate of Occupancy, and/or the decision of the DRB (if applicable) in the town’s permanent land records. Recording fees are currently $10/page but are subject to change. Please contact the Zoning Administrator for more information on the additional fees required.

West Windsor requires a Certificate of Occupancy before any new construction can be used or occupied. Construction commenced on or after July 1, 2013 must comply with the Vermont Residential Building Energy Code in order to receive a Certificate of Occupancy from the Town. Please click on the following link for more information


Contact the State Permit Specialist at 802-282-6488 for water/wastewater permits, and to see if any other state permits (Act 250, stream alteration, etc.) are required for your project.

Click on any of the links below for current published West Windor Zoning and Planning documents: