Photo by Cathy Boedtker
Photo by Cathy Boedtker
About West Windsor

West Windsor is a rural Vermont community located amidst rolling hills and meadows just west of the Connecticut River. Mount Ascutney rises more than two thousand feet over the village of Brownsville and provides abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Boasting miles of spectacular hiking and mountain-biking trails, backcountry skiing, a lift-served community ski area, and tubing hill, the mountain is a destination for outdoor adventure in any season.

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West Windsor Cooling Locations
West Windsor Cooling Locations
With high temperatures forecasted for this week, the West Windsor Town Hall auditorium will be open to the public as a cooling location from Monday, July 15th until Wednesday, July 17th from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The Mary L. Blood Memorial Library will also be available as a cooling location during their open hours.
For more information and available amenities, please click here.
Please visit this Vermont Department of Health website for more resources on hot weather preparation.

Important Property Tax Information
Important Property Tax Information
According to a 2018 study, out of 70% of eligible Vermonters, only 20% filed for their income sensitivity property tax "pre-bate" which goes along with the annual Homestead Declaration. This "pre-bate" is available to anyone filing a Homestead Declaration with a total 2023 household income below $128,000.00.
This program had a filing deadline of April 15th but new submissions may be filed until October 15th with a $15.00 late filing fee. The maximum pre-bate credit is $8,000.00.
State Representative and West Windsor resident Elizabeth Burrows has asked the Town of West Windsor to assist in spreading the word regarding this program to help people not overpay on their property taxes. For a summary of Representative Burrows' email to residents, please click here.
For more information on the Vermont Property Tax Credit, please click here
For a guide on how to file your Homestead Declaration and Property Tax Credit Claim, please click here.

Reappraisal Grievance Hearings
Reappraisal Grievance Hearings
Reappraisal grievance hearings will be held at the Town Office/Story Memorial Hall (22 Brownsville Hartland Rd) on June 19th, June 20th, and June 21st from 9:00am to 3:00pm. All hearings are by appointment only, and all appeals must be in writing (email is acceptable). To make an appointment for a reappraisal grievance hearing, please contact the West Windsor Listers at 802-484-3113 or via email at lister@westwindsorvt.org.
Please click here for more information.

Brownsville: Between the Bridges & Beyond

Brownsville: Between the Bridges and Beyond

The Town of West Windsor is participating in a planning level project for the village center!

Brownsville: Between the Bridges and Beyond will provide implementation steps for building an enhanced village center and improving the connection between the Village and Mount Ascutney.

The goal of this project is to foster a more inviting and user-friendly village center in Brownsville, with a strong and resilient local economy that serves residents and visitors! There will be a series of meetings designed to solicit as much community feedback as possible.

We will be hosting a conversation for the West Windsor community on Saturday, June 15th at 10:00am at Story Memorial Hall and a conversation for local businesses and community organizations on Tuesday, June 18th at 5:30pm at Story Memorial Hall. Both events will also have remote options for those who would prefer to attend virtually.

For full details of the Brownsville: Between the Bridges and Beyond community conversation on Saturday, June 15th, please click here or visit the community events calendar!

For more information on the project, please visit the Brownsville: Between the Bridges and Beyond website. There is also a public survey available, which we encourage you to complete!




Planning Commission Hearing for Flood Hazard Area & River Corridor Bylaws
Planning Commission Hearing for
Flood Hazard Area & River Corridor Bylaws
The West Windsor Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing to solicit feedback regarding proposed Flood Hazard Area and River Corridor Bylaws on Wednesday, May 22nd at 6:30pm at the Town Hall.
For more information, please refer to the letter mailed to West Windsor property owners or follow this link for a digital copy of the letter.
The full text of the draft Flood Hazard Area and River Corridor Bylaws can be found here.
For Agency of Natural Resources river corridor and flood area maps, please click here. (Note: You will need to zoom in and use the 'Flood Ready Tools' button to toggle map layers.)
Additional river corridor & flood area non-interactive maps: West Windsor, Mill Brook, Brownsville Village
Please contact Zoning Administrator Deb Shearer at zoning@westwindsorvt.org with any questions or if you wish to provide comments on the draft bylaws prior to the public hearing.

Town Meeting Minutes
Town Meeting Minutes
Minutes from the West Windsor Town Meeting held at Story Memorial Hall on March 5th, 2024 are now available. Click here to view or download the 2024 Town Meeting minutes.
Minutes from previous Town Meetings are available by following this link.
Please contact the Town Clerk at 802-484-7212 or via email at ayates@westwindsorvt.org with any questions.

2023 West Windsor Town Report

2023 West Windsor Town Report

The 2023 Town Report is now available for viewing and downloading at this link. For access to previous Town Reports, please click here.

Please contact the Town Administrator at townadmin@westwindsorvt.org or 802-484-3520 with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you for Town Meeting at Story Memorial Hall on Tuesday, March 05, 2024 at 9:00am!



2024 Town Meeting Warning

 West Windsor Town Meeting Warning

West Windsor's Annual Town Meeting will be held at Story Memorial Hall on Tuesday, March 05, 2024 at 9:00am.

Please click here for a digital copy of the 2024 Town Meeting Warning. Physical copies of this warning will be sent to registered voters via U.S. Mail.

Please reach out to Town Clerk Amy Yates at 802-484-7212 or ayates@westwindsorvt.org with any questions, or stop in to the Town Clerk's office to register to vote!

The 2023 Town Report will be posted to this website in the near future, and will be available for viewing at the Town Hall in the coming weeks. Physical copies will be available for distribution at Town Meeting. For access to Town Reports from recent years, please follow this link